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Óscar López Sánchez

He was born in A Coruña, Spain, in 1975. He received the M. Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering and the M. Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2001 and 2004, respectively, from the University of Vigo, Spain. In 2009 he received the Ph. D degree from the University of Vigo.

From October 2003 to September 2004, he was Assistant Professor with the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain. He is currently an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electronics Technology of the University of Vigo. From March 2006 to June 2006, he had a research stay at the Institute of Energy Technology in the University of Aalborg in Denmark. From September 2008 to December 2008, he joined the Electric Machines and Drives Research Group of Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom for a research stay. From September 2017 to December 2017 he was Visiting Academic in the School of Engineering of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in Australia. His research interests are in the areas of ac power switching converters technology.

He is member of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society and IEEE Power Electronics Society since 2005 and serves as Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.

Public profiles

Electronics Technology Department | Campus universitario | C.P. 36310 Vigo (Pontevedra) | Spain | Tlf.: +34 986 812 086